Friday, 18 April 2014

Food Safety Coaching

Illness arising from eating contaminated food is readily preventable through good food hygiene practices. These good food hygiene practices stem from food handlers having adequate food knowledge and training.

Please watch the playlist below that is kindly provided and shared by the Food Standards Agency. The dialogue is very clear with visual prompts that help the viewer better understand the content and concepts.

Here are the learning materials/worksheets etc that accompany each video in the playlist. 

If you would like to print or keep a copy of the worksheets simply look for the appropriate icons when viewing the flip-books and help yourself :-)

Session 1 - Hand-washing

Session 2 - Keeping Equipment Separate

Session 3 - Pest Control

Session 4 - Keeping Food Covered & Staff Illness

Session 5 - Cleaning Effectively


Session 6 - Chilling Foods and Chilled Storage

Session 7 - Cooking and Reheating Safely

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