Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The 'TH' Sound In English

The "TH" sound in English is difficult to pronounce for some people. In this video AJ teaches two ways to pronounce TH and teaches you exactly how to do it.
In the video AJ mentions two 'th' sounds. The soft sound we use to say 'thank you' and the buzzy sound we use to say 'there'.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Oxford Practice Grammar

Who is this book for?

Oxford Practice Grammar is for students of English  at a middle or 'intermediate' level. This means  students who are no longer beginners but who are  not yet expert in English. The book is suitable for  those studying for the Cambridge First Certificate  in English. It can be used by students attending  classes or by someone working alone.

What about the tests?

There are 25 tests at intervals through the book. You can do a test after you have  worked through a group of units. At the beginning of each test you are told which  units are being tested.
The tests do two things. Firstly, they enable you to find out how well you have  mastered the grammar. (If you get things wrong, you can go back to the relevant  unit or part of a unit.) Secondly, the tests give you practice in handling exam-type  questions. Many of the test questions are similar to those used in the Cambridge
First Certificate Use of English Paper.