Thursday, 10 May 2012

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Once again, a video that I stumbled upon on the Vimeo website has helped provide some engaging (hopefully) focus on certain language points, words and their varied usage. 'Everynone' make and post wonderful videos that are definitely worth a watch. This video struck me as the words focussed on subtly change through the video, which I thought would be a fun and energetic activity for the learners to shout out the phrases and determine when the words/ideas change. There are only a few words in the video but the vocabulary and usage surrounding them provides much more in-depth focus and practise of numerous language points.


Introduce the Theme - Write 'run' on the board and ask the learners to provide different uses for the word. (runny nose, running late, gun runner etc.) This helps us to clarify that we are going to focus on different uses of certain words.

Vocabulary and Language focus - Using a slideshow get learners to elicit different uses of the words presented. I'm lucky to have smartboard software which allows me to slowly reveal words/phrases that the learners enjoy trying to guess. There are quite a few slides, so to avoid too much 'teacher talk time' encourage the learners to lead the activity, guess and reveal the words. Help with any pronunciation when needed. 

Video Viewing/Game/Review - Learners watch the video, shout out the different words/phrases as they appear. They should also shout out when the word focus changes in the video. Finally hand out the vocabulary list for further home-study.

Re:WORDS from Everynone on Vimeo.

This slideshow can be used/viewed in full-screen mode or downloaded as a PDF file

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