Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Planning for Success

I'd like to thank Kieran Donaghy for this wonderful lesson, one of many he kindly shares on his website, Film English.
This lesson is designed around an inspiring short film about what we do in our everyday lives. The lesson also encourages students to reflect on their own language learning and how they can improve it.
Kieran Donaghy
In this lesson we focused on:
  • comparatives - more/less
  • to + infinitive - to walk/read etc.
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Discussion
  • Planning effective learning strategies
  • Writing
Many thanks to all our learners for their wonderful input and hard work this evening, as always. :-)

Wayne - Tuesday 28th February 2012

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Vocabulary and meanings - Review

I would like to thank our learners for their written assignments in the last week or so. Activities and focus on the work produced will follow. Here we can practice some vocabulary and meanings that need some focus.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Happy Birthday UiD ESOL Classes!

Has it been that long already?

It is with great pride that we celebrate 1 year of fun, learning and friendship in the ESOL classes at the Unity in Diversity group. Many thanks to John and Adelle for creating such a wonderfully friendly group for our visitors. We have been very lucky to have some great volunteer teachers over the year, helping us provide lessons at different levels. So a massive thank you to Dawn, Graham, Jelena, Jo, Clive, David, Stuart and everyone else that has helped us over the last year. A big thank you to the guys at the ELTS department in Swansea University for pointing great teachers our way. Last but not least a big thank you to our learners for their committed participation in classes.

Learners have given some great feedback 
on lessons provided and the materials used.

Class sizes have steadily grown over the last year, we now have 
18+ learners studying twice a week with the largest class now 
being held in the main hall area in the centre.