Friday, 18 November 2011

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

November 10 - 24

We are very fortunate to be working in collaboration with Stuart Jones from the 'Swansea Digital Stories' project, please see their website for information about what they do.

Working with one of the stories "A light at the end of the tunnel" our students were able to focus on idiomatic phrases, verb tenses, descriptive terms and how to plan a written piece of work. The story provided poignant focus on dificult times in life and how things can and often improve, a wonderful subject for our learners in particular.

Idioms, phrases, vocabulary and grammatical forms from the story were focused on with task-based activities (please see embedded worksheet).

In the first activity students brainstormed the meaning of selected phrases and vocabulary amongst themselves before feeding them back to the class. Discussion then followed on meaning and uses of the language points. The next task was to identify verbs in their past and continuous tenses, focusing on how we vary these in writing. With the worksheet we investigated how the writing could have been planned with elicited ideas from the class and help from the teacher, this was well understood leading on to the learners planning their own stories. For the rest of the lesson our learners were helped with their ideas by our kind volunteers Pippa and Jelena. The students were given the task of writing their stories as homework.

In the next lesson we were delighted to see that many of our learners had produced some very interesting, heart-felt and often amusing stories. The stories were read to the class and focus on pronunciation and the subject matter followed.

Next week Stuart will be recording the stories read out by our learners for the Swansea Digital Stories project and website. Stories already written are being marked and feedback, correction and help will be provided.

Many thanks to Stuart for helping us provide these activities which help in many ways such as; reading, writing, speaking and the feel-good factor of self-expression.

Please stay tuned for some of our learners' wonderful stories :-)

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Worksheets

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