Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Prepositions of Movement

12th July 2011

Today’s lesson focused on prepositions of movement:

out of
around etc……

As a warmer, students were asked ‘What did you have for breakfast?’ This was relevant to the beginning of the video that followed and helped the students to prepare for what they were about to watch, most of the answers were surprisingly; ‘cornflakes, toast and butter’.  We then had a vocabulary and picture match activity that served to elicit/pre-teach upcoming words in the lesson. Next I elicited what their breakfasts might say to them if they could speak, ‘go back to bed’ and ‘wake up and go to work’ being some of the elicited ideas. Before viewing the video students were asked to identify what the man’s breakfast said to him – the answer was ‘go!’ The video used is amusing, interesting and very cleverly done, which helped students to enjoy, connect with and relax whilst completing the tasks involved. After the first viewing I elicited and presented how his journey went. The students did well to use some prepositions of movement and with some guidance began to use the target language effectively. During a second viewing, the students had to use their powers of observation to remember the progression and order of the man’s journey. After watching the clip once again they were given the task of ‘sequencing’ the events with a worksheet that had strips of sentences cut up, they then attempted to put the journey in order, practicing use of the target language. This was done well with most students getting it 75% correct. The strips of paper were then taken off the table so they could revise with a gap-fill worksheet. As the lesson was coming to an end the students were told to work together and use the target language in order to discuss the way to the exit of the community centre. In order to leave they had to use the following directions:

Stand up, go through the door and out of the classroom, go around the corner and through another door, go down the stairs, around the corner, through the door at the bottom and turn left, go through the main door.
 The students did well in this productive spoken task and were soon on their way.

Once again many thanks to Jamie Keddie and lessonstream.org for this idea and consistently wonderful materials :)

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