Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A man eating chicken

19th July 2011

Today’s lesson focused on

  • -ing + noun 
  • noun + -ing -
  • ed & -ing adjectives
We began by matching new vocabulary with pictures, the students did well and were happy to learn some new words, and this was followed by some pronunciation focus. Particular vocabulary is selected for this task in order to enable the students to better participate in following activities.

Students were then asked to draw ‘a man eating chicken’. Everybody drew an image of a man tucking into a chicken leg.

Using the board we were able to focus on the grammatical structure and the use of hyphens. Images on the board illustrated the difference between ‘a man-eating chicken’ and ‘a man eating chicken’.

In a prediction activity students were given the task of matching phrases, this went down really well as the subject matter was quite unusual. It was quite difficult but amusing and a wonderful ‘levelling’ activity. One of our kind helpers a native English speaker found it equally as difficult as everyone else. Please see the video demonstration and embedded documents for a clearer picture.

We then viewed a number of videos illustrating some very interesting and unusual things plus great focus on the target language.

Following the video we revisited the phrase matching activity and corrected mistakes with the students feeding back correct use of the language areas covered.

In a final productive spoken activity students asked and answered questions using the target language.

The students seemed to enjoy the varied content of the videos.

A video demonstrating how interactive whiteboard
 software was used to support and enhance the lesson

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