Friday, 1 July 2011

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28th June 2011

Today’s lesson focused on “like + ing”. In the first task students were asked to list things they like, including activities, this helped to introduce the target language. Students then studied a handout with various words on in order to predict the plot of the following video. A website called ‘Wordle’ enables you to create great looking handouts. There are many applications for ‘Wordles’ – check them out.

Prediction - You can create word clouds of texts before the students read or listen and ask them to make predictions about the content of the text based on the word cloud. They could also check any new words from the word cloud that they are unsure of before they read or listen.

The students did well to predict that it was some sort of love story. Students then watched the video to check how well they did. The video was viewed once again for students to find more specific information within the lyrics of the song in a gap fill activity. Focus on grammar and spelling followed and students were given a task where they practised the spelling rules of adding ing to words. In a final productive ‘singing’ activity students made their own lyrics to the song. I had inserted an image of a guitar and a keyboard into the whiteboard software and then linked the images to samples of the chords from the song – when the images were clicked students were able to get the tune, encouraging them to sing whilst I recorded them. This was greatly enjoyed with much laughter – it was great to hear them making a real effort and enjoy it so much. Please feel free to listen to our students enjoying themselves.

Please click on the files to listen to our students having some fun

Lesson Documents available @ Scribd


  1. I like the way that you've combined different web tools in your lesson. I'm still learning the ropes on combining technology tools. This is a great lesson. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your feedback Archie, I'm so glad you like the lesson, I really enjoyed making it - a great example of finding something fun on the Internet and exploiting it for language acquisition. If you are keen to develop your use of ILT in the classroom you should check out the wonderful ideas AND tutorials on :-)