Thursday, 23 June 2011

Have you Ever? - Part 2

In today's lesson we continued our focus on the present perfect tense. We began by looking at some visual prompts that enabled the students to practice what they'd learnt from the last lesson. The students easily picked up from where we'd finished in our last lesson and it was clear that they had retained the main points.

If technology can go wrong - it will!

Unfortunately the power supply to my laptop decided to give up the ghost which meant that all the remaining activities planned for the lesson on the interactive whiteboard were not to be. This was quite unfortunate as I'd devised some games and activities that would help the students further internalise the target language whilst having fun at the same time, my intention being that this lesson would be 'easy going' as they'd studied some serious issues in the last 2 weeks. I decided we would try 'Chinese whispers', using the present perfect tense. I whispered "I have seen the Queen" into the first student's ear which was then passed on by all eleven students. Hilarity immediately ensued with some shyness of whispering into each other's ears, the sentence obviously changed rather quickly and dramatically with some incredulous looks on people's faces and the occasional "huh?" The sentence returned to me as "I have never seen a cigarette". This was greatly enjoyed by the class with raucous laughter echoing around the building. The students were then encouraged to write 2 sentences each using the target language, 1 truth and 1 lie. When they fed back their sentences to the class we had the task of determining which was a lie. The students were quite creative with their ideas and it was often difficult to spot the lies. In a final productive written task students wrote about themselves using the target language. Overall the lesson went well even though most of what I'd planned went out of the window with my laptop's power supply.

I will include a video demonstration of what was planned on the interactive whiteboard anyway as I'd worked quite hard to make it enjoyable and personalised for the student group. I intend to use it in the future to review what we've studied this week.

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