Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Have you Ever? - Part 1

21st June 2011

Today’s lesson focused on the present perfect tense. This lesson was intended to provide some requested grammar focus, plus it was meant to be a break from some of the serious matters we’ve been dealing with in the last few weeks. As a lead-in students were asked “what countries have you been to?” Students made a list and then fed back to the class with myself prompting the use of the target language. A song was then played and students completed a gap-fill activity on a handout, I chose this particular song to exploit for its extensive use of the present perfect tense. Once they had finished the song and fed-back their answers to the class we then looked at the grammatical structure of present perfect. In the next task the students re-ordered words to make correct sentences, this led to a more in-depth activity where students made full sentences with the few prompts provided. Then as a final productive task everyone wrote 4 sentences and fed them back to the class; two things they had done and two things they had never done. The target language was used effectively with no errors and some humour.

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