Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cardinal Points and Local Crime – Part 2

Tuesday 14th June 2011

Today’s was the second part of a lesson where we practiced target language from our last session ‘prepositions of geographical location’. It was my intention to present these language points for our students to understand and use fluently, leading into today’s activity where we discussed types of crime and their prevalence in our local area as well as regionally, nationally and internationally. In the beginning of the lesson we reviewed the structure and pronunciation of the target language and focused on vocabulary concerning types of crime in the local area. Then using the interactive whiteboard and we were able to examine what crimes are committed in Swansea and in particular where they are most prevalent. We were able to identify hotspots for Anti-social behaviour, being Wind street where many nightclubs are and a certain small 24 hour supermarket that sells alcohol around the clock on the other side of the city centre. We saw what areas were prone to what kinds of crime which concerns us all and students were able to focus on where they live and understand issues in their immediate area. In discussing relevant issues in their locale students used the target language effectively and effortlessly.

In this 2 part lesson I aimed to provide general focus on certain language points whilst ‘tying in’ activities that helped our client group understand some important local issues as well as looking at national and international figures to offer comparison.

As well as English language acquisition I hoped to embed the following areas into the lessons:

v     Map reading - Local/regional/national geography
v     Awareness of local crime rates and hotspots
v     Numeracy - presentation of data

Areas discussed/vocabulary used:

v     Violent crime
v     Crime prevention
v     Car/vehicle crime
v     Theft
v     Anti social behaviour ASB
v     Robbery
v     Criminal damage
v     Shoplifting
v     Possession of drugs
v     Supplying/ dealing drugs

Volunteer update:

We are wishing Dawn, our volunteer teacher the very best of luck in her new job, thank you so much for being patient and teaching some of the ladies at our group. The feedback from one family was outstanding, saying “mum has been so empowered by your classes, she practices her English around the house cheerfully with the help of us her children – it’s the highlight of her week”. Thanks Dawn and look forward to your visits in future.

It’s also time to wish Graham, another of our volunteer teachers the best of luck in his endeavours in China, he will be teaching English as well as coordinating other trainee teachers from Swansea University on their internship during the summer. Many thanks to Graham for his support, teaching and priceless help in the development of the UiD ESOL program. Good luck Graham and we eagerly await your return in September.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to welcome our new volunteer teacher, Fiona who has shown a keen interest in the group and has already established a good relationship with some of the ladies she will teach. It’s wonderful to see how Fiona is beginning to feel the buzz from what we do and how we help people through the acquisition of communication skills.

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