Friday, 10 June 2011

Cardinal Points and Local Crime – Part 1

Thursday 9th June 2011

It was a full class today with 11 students attending. I took the opportunity to show the class the video made with their voices dubbed in from our last lesson ‘Man Lying on the Floor’. Students enjoyed watching and listening to the video and we were able to effectively review the main points from that lesson.
Today’s lesson was entitled ‘Cardinal Points and Local Crime’ and was the first of 2 parts. In this part we focused on the use of prepositions of place and points of the compass, i.e. ‘Swansea is in the SouthandSwansea is on the South coast’. Students were familiarised with points of the compass in a task based activity where they placed vocabulary cards with 8 cardinal points in their correct locations on a picture of a compass. In order to cement this, students took turns to do this again on the interactive whiteboard with a timer; our gold medallist today was Sam who placed everything correctly in a record 20 seconds and Da got the silver medal with 23 seconds. We then focused on a map of Wales and practised use of the target language, allowing the students to prepare for the following task where they identified the location of several famous cities around the world on a handout before feeding back their answers to the class using the interactive whiteboard. In a final task we focused on detailed maps of the students’ home countries, this made for a productive spoken activity with correct usage of the target language. It was my aim in this lesson to embed some geographical knowledge and terminology in order for our students to better explain and discuss where they are and where they are from, which I believe is vital considering many of our students’ circumstances.
In the second part of this lesson focus will be on vocabulary concerning crime in the UK and students will be encouraged to use the target language from today’s lesson to discuss differing crimes and their prevalence in and around the Swansea area. 

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