Friday, 13 May 2011

Lip & Leap

My lesson today was for the mixed elementary/pre intermediate group and focused on reviewing the long 'ee' sound and getting to grips with the short 'i' sound ( /iː/ & /i/) . Now that we have the provision of an interactive whiteboard I set myself the task of making parts of this lesson using smart-board software. Students had a number of fun and interesting hands-on activities that they seemed to enjoy very much and in turn helped them internalise the target language/sounds from the lesson. All the students competed in a timed task where they had to put certain words in their 'sound groups', a game easy to devise in this software with a big flashy timer that dwells on the board,  the students did so well with this that the target language was firmly understood and the only 'issue' remaining was shaving seconds off their time within the game. After further focus and activities we returned to the game where the students were very keen to 'beat the record'. Allana, our Chinese student is our gold medallist with a fantastic 19 seconds. A friend of mine, a fellow English teacher that visits us occasionally could only manage 22 seconds; the students absolutely loved this encouraging outcome - nice try Phil ;-) So overall it was a cheerful and productive lesson with the students enjoying the new interactive style of tasks and games.


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