Sunday, 22 May 2011

Preposition & Verb +ing

May 19th 2011

Today's mixed group lesson focussed on verbs in their 'ing' form following a preposition (test yourself). Students started off by thinking of things they are and are not good at and we were all tickled to remember how good Ali was 'at skiing' when we all did the superman dance. Students were then presented with the grammatical form and some other examples of prepositions before completing a reading activity where they identified target language in a thank you letter. The following task allowed students to analyse some sentences in order to find and correct any mistakes, this was done very well indeed as the target language had obviously been firmly learnt. This led on to what has developed to be a favourite activity/game with the group, students sorted prepositions and verbs into groups whilst being timed - once again the target language was well absorbed with the only issue being how fast they could complete the task, this led to an exciting finale where Allana beat Sam by only 1 second. We then had a warm-up activity where the students as a group made sentences with prepositions randomly generated by the smartboard. Then finally in a productive written activity everyone wrote as many sentences as they could in 10 minutes using the target language and then fed these back to the class. The aims of this lesson were met with all the students understanding the form and usage of prepositions followed by verb + ing.

At the end of the lesson we wished our friend and fellow student Allana the best of luck as she is travelling back to China for the summer, we look forward to her return.

Handout - Make Your Own Sentences

Prepositions & verb+ing - Handout - Find Prepositions and Verbs

Prepositions & verb+ing - Mixed Group Lesson Plan

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