Thursday, 5 May 2011

More than we'd hoped for!!

I'm very happy to report that today, for the first time we were able to provide three separate lessons for our service users. Dawn had two ladies studying at the beginner level, Graham had several students in the 'higher level' class and I had four students in a 'mid-level' group. An absolute success for the teaching team (and the UID group) with almost every visitor to the centre tonight involved in a learning activity.

My lesson focused on capitalisation, punctuation and basic writing skills. Although  the students had studied this before they were happy and keen to practice it further. Once again the lesson started with a task that dealt with new vocabulary that could have blocked later activities in the lesson, the students connected images to their definitions on a handout, checked with each other then fed back their answers to the class. I then presented the rules of basic sentence writing and students contributed with what they already knew. The following task had the group focusing on correct and incorrect sentences, they identified the correct examples and discussed/fixed the others. Further focus on sentence structure and punctuation followed, leading into a final productive written activity where students used their own ideas to make sentences. The pace of this lesson was a little slower and quieter than what they are used to but they seemed to enjoy it with some very productive work as a result. I also provided some worksheets for students to practise improving their visual writing style.


We are so lucky to have such dedicated volunteer teachers - again many thanks to Dawn and Graham.

Writing Sentences - Blocking

Vocab Match Handout

Writing Sentences

Writing Sentences - Combined

Student Handout

Writing Sentences - Mixed Group Lesson


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