Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Man lying on the floor - Part 1

May 24th 2011

Today was our first Tuesday class and I am very flattered to see that our students are keen to study more - very encouraging, many thanks. I was very lucky to find an excellent lesson on the internet called 'Man Lying on the Pavement'. In this lesson quite a few language points are covered without the students being unduly bothered with grammatical terms, the group are encouraged to use the target language in an activity that is interesting and seems to focus on speech. The lesson itself has a psychological and behavioural theme to it with lots of focus on feelings, moods and how these are communicated, an ideal area of focus for our group I thought. The students are able to sense the raising tension in the dialogue and identify the changes in tone etc. They now have a copy of the script to practise with ahead of Thursday's lesson where we will be re-enacting the scene with real emotional delivery - I will attempt to record some of these - stay tuned!

This video demonstrates how I used Smart Notebook software on an 
interactive whiteboard to support my lesson - best viewed in 'full-screen' mode

Radiohead - Just

Lying on the Pavement

Handout - Picture + Vocab Match

Handout - What Would You Ask?

Handout - Script Preparation Task

Handout - Script

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