Thursday, 19 May 2011

Happy Kids = Happy Everyone

We have for some time understood the need for the children of visitors to be involved in something structured and enjoyable - this in turn 'frees-up' our clients so they can participate socially and possibly in one of our classes. Last Thursday was a great success, Graham our volunteer teacher and his wife kindly brought along their Xbox and Kinect for the children to play with. The result of this was awesome with the children happily taking turns to play some very enjoyable and physical games, not only did the children enjoy this, it also provided much amusement for the adults watching - maybe get them to join in next time. So the children were very happy indeed and engrossed in the activity, giving the parents the opportunity to relax more. The children played the games for an hour or so until we all had food, following the meal Jeff, a regular helper in our group provided colouring pens and paper for the kids to use, this was a great success as they had spent a lot of energy and then eaten, allowing for them to calm down and get stuck into something creative - an excellent evening all round with virtually everyone visiting the centre involved in something constructive.

Many thanks to Graham, Allana and Jeff for making the kids very happy indeed (and everyone else as a result).

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