Thursday, 5 May 2011

Conjunctions.... What's their Function?

Well it's Graham here.... I have taken the leap into actually teaching my own classes with my first one being on the 5th of May 2011. The class I run is designed to compliment both Dawn and Wayne's classes at adding another level to the group and better providing for the members' individual needs.
For argument's sake we shall call it the 'Advanced Group' as the language and grammar points that these lessons are designed to focus on are of a higher level than those which we have previously taught in the centre.
My main aim for this lesson was to take an already familiar concept (in this case Conjunctions) and expand on the knowledge that the students already possess from various other establishments. After starting out reading Aesop's Fable 'The Ant and the Dove' and identifying the conjunctions used in the story, the group quickly moved on to understand what a conjunction is used for and also where they are used in both speaking and writing.
Following this discussion we then focussed on the three main kinds of conjunctions 'Co-ordinating, Correlative and Sub-ordinating' conjunctions.
Each time a new concept was introduced to the students I allow them to
  • Tell me what they knew of the subject matter (Free discussion)
  • Explain the grammatical concepts when using those conjunctions ( Teacher Talk Time)
  • Provide and elicit examples from the the students (Student-Teacher Interaction)
  • Provide a short 'pop' quiz so they could test their knowledge of the material and apply it to a particular situation (Practical Task Based Usage of Material)

Although my first lesson at the Unity in Diversity Group, I have sat with Wayne in most of the lessons he has taught. His guidance, enthusiasm, dedication and inspiration have really been a key role in my development as a teacher. For that reason, along with the work I put in to the class tasks, I believe that not only did the students find the class useful and enjoyable, but the standard of teaching can only improve from this point onwards.

May I take the chance, as this is my first blog post, thank all of the members of 'Unity in Diversity' for giving me the chance to volunteer in my prospective profession and take a 'hands on approach' to teaching but also a personal thank you to Wayne who has encouraged me more times than I can count to get on and create an 'advanced group' to help provide a better service for our clients.
All I have left to say is how much I look forward to next weeks class!!


Conjunction Junction Lyrics

The Ant and the Dove


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