Friday, 8 April 2011

Talk Tidy Mun!!!

April 7th 2011

In today’s lesson we looked at Swansea/South Wales accents and phrases. Students had asked for help with this as they find that people speak very quickly here and are often very hard to understand, using colourful/unusual vocabulary. Most students know a few phrases already and clearly enjoy experimenting with them, giving me the opportunity to prepare for a relaxed, humorous but verbally productive lesson.
I’m actually from the East Midlands myself but I ‘thought’ that I had the Swansea accent nailed, until one of our students got the pronunciation I was modeling so spot on that I could hear someone from Nottingham trying to ‘talk tidy’. Well I had go anyway arrite? If you don’t like et, tuff inna? Everybody seemed to enjoy with lots of laughter, I tried to find relevant and funny pictures to elicit meanings of the vocabulary/phrases covered. The students watched and listened to a video of someone using various local accents, Their task was to firstly get the gist of the video and then to find more specific details, the group did really well although they had to listen really closely at times. Everybody had a go at all the words and phrases and hilarity ensued. Students made great efforts to use the target language in one of our regular slideshow-prompted conversations. I thank Ali for helping me realize what I really sound like, he works so hard in his efforts to improve his English, well done and sorry for the dodgy accent you’ve acquired.

Talk Tidy Mun!!

student vocab sheet

10 - mixed group lesson plan - 07-04-2011


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