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Opposites and Comparatives - April 21st 2011

April 21st 2011

Opposites and Comparatives

In today’s lesson the target language was ‘opposites and comparatives’. Students began with an activity where they matched words to their opposites; in doing this the students used/activated their existing knowledge of the target language (corpora) in a hands on (task-based) activity, this was enjoyed and completed easily by the whole group. We moved on to the form and spelling rules of comparatives – students focused on this before practicing themselves on a second handout, when feeding back their answers to the class it was clear that they were ‘internalising’ the main points from the lesson. The students then practiced word order and structure of the target language, taking it in turns to use my laptop mouse to rearrange words in a ‘fridge magnet’ type activity projected on the screen.
By this time the group had a real grasp of the target language, how we structure sentences when we use it and had also worked hard on pronunciation. In a final activity we viewed one of our slideshows, exploiting the pictures for use of the target language. This made for a productive spoken activity with correct use of the target language and much laughter.

Graham has kindly devised a three-part English proficiency assessment to help us effectively identify where our students need help and Dawn got the ball rolling by assessing one of our learners with it. In analyzing the results we can offer well aimed help to this individual.

The materials Graham and I make are free to use, to say that we wouldn’t mind if anyone else used them would be a massive understatement – we’d be very flattered. 

Comparatives and Opposites

'Word-Magnets' is a great interactive tool that allows students to take turns using a wireless mouse, in this case to re-order words in sentences, this is projected onto a large screen, providing a task based activity that our students really enjoy, eagerly awaiting their turns. It also has basic practice of IT skills embedded in the task, with students being encouraged to use different functions of a pc mouse. 'WordMagnets' is part of the desktop resources, free at, providing students with productive kinaesthetic/hands-on activities.

Handout #1 - Comparatives

Comparatives and Opposites - 12 - Mixed Group Lesson Plan - 21-04-2011

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