Thursday, 14 April 2011

The ‘ee’ Sound - April 14th 2011

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April 14th 2011

Nine students attended today, our biggest group so far!! Today’s lesson focused on pronunciation as requested by our vocabulary super-star ‘Allana’. The whole lesson was built around the ‘ee’ sound. This provided lots of vocabulary old and new plus some excellent opportunities to exploit pictures for the target sound and general conversation. Once again I tried to find resources that were current, amusing and relevant. The large group worked really well with lots of busy discussion and the students welcomed the chance to practice pronunciation. There has been interest in some grammar focus for future lessons and Graham and I are working on it, we may need to split groups as we have been planning in order to offer more rigorous study for the higher level learners. In the slideshow the students absolutely laughed their heads off at the rapper’s trousers.

The Long 'ee' Handout

Long 'ee' sound - lesson plan

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