Thursday, 28 April 2011

Comb your Hair - Superman!!!

Another full class today with seven students attending. Students were given a task where they matched words with pictures, this enabled the class to understand and be prepared for vocabulary included in later activities. This was done in groups and all the points were effectively understood. We then focused on the form and situations where imperatives are used, in particular recipes. The students then put an omelette recipe in the right order with sentences on strips in a ‘sequencing’ activity, this was particularly tricky but they did very well to get all the strips in the right order. Next we looked at the actions included in a song we were going to dance to, we practiced the moves and then went into the song – a cheeky little number made some years ago called ‘Superman’ by Black Lace, a song where imperative instructions are given to dancers. Graham and I had wondered if the group would be willing to do this, the result was hilarious and everyone enjoyed it enormously. The lesson was then consolidated by asking the students; what had they studied, what is the form of the verb when using the imperative and in what situations are imperatives used.


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