Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Welcome to the Unity in Diversity 'ESOL' blog!

Well I finally got round to starting a blog to show what we do on the ESOL program at the Unity in Diversity group.

The Unity in Diversity group provides an open and friendly atmosphere, with practical help, support and inclusive activities for people of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds coming to live in the Swansea area. Also welcomed are people wishing to help and befriend Asylum Seekers and Refugees, helping them achieve a more inclusive role in our society.

The ESOL aspect of the group aims to empower people through the ability to communicate effectively in English. We aim to deliver relevant English language lessons with the provision of women only classes also.  

Our English classes are not accredited; if certified English language courses are required, we are able to refer people to places such as the 'Dragon Arts Centre' and local colleges

The Unity in Diversity group is open 5pm to 6pm Tuesdays and Thursdays

The English language classes start shortly after a delicious meal, between 7 and 8pm. 

We currently provide:
  • A mixed level/gender class
  • A beginner level women only class

For more information please follow any of the links or email me at wayneyare@gmail.com

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