Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Journeys - February 17th 2011

February 17th 2011

The mixed group lesson went well with a lesson designed specifically for refugees and asylum seekers, a wonderful, hands on activity where students work around a world map discussing their journeys to the UK with focus on 3 areas of target language; past simple, prepositions of time and country names and adjectives. Our volunteer teacher, Graham helped with the lesson, enabling us to further help the lower level learners. REFLECT resource

Dawn and I helped the majority of visitors with an English needs assessment form. We were able to identify some individuals that would be interested in voluntary work within the community. I have made enquiries regarding this with a local organisation. SCVS

Dawn and our visitor have finished their focus on a professional CV, she is now happy to have a good looking CV.

Dawn has had a wonderful response from the women's group with more than the expected number attending. The children of this group speak English well and were happy to help the teacher; feedback suggests the session was very much enjoyed by all.

Country Names and Adjectives

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