Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lesson #2 - February 10th 2011

February 10th 2011

The mixed group lesson went well with focus on present continuous and contrasts between transport in the UK and other countries. There was a very productive spoken activity at the end of the lesson. We were able to discuss local transport issues and students were able to advise each other on how to get around.

In a one to one session, our very kind volunteer Dawn helped a previously mentioned visitor with making a professional looking CV, Dawn provided relevant vocabulary to be focused on. Dawn and our visitor are emailing each other with work and guidance, promoting formal writing/email correspondence. Dawn has scheduled another session next week in order to put finishing touches to the CV, ready to use.

Dawn has spoken to some of the Muslim women who expressed interest in help with English. One lady in particular knows of a friend that would be keen to come to the group and participate. A visitor to the centre said “There are many Muslim women that would like to attend a women only class”.

I spoke to a gentleman who is currently studying in Swansea University. He feels his studies are going well but worries about his grammar, there is support for him at the University but he finds this often booked up. I have suggested we can help and he’s very interested. We have a volunteer teacher called Graham who will help him focus on his weaknesses and improve his academic writing.

Students needing help with basic handwriting skills were given practice sheets.

One visitor wants to get on an accredited English course; I'm assuming he'll need the citizenship aspect with it so I have referred him to the Dragon Arts centre.

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