Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Our First Day - February 3rd 2011

February 3rd 2011

Several students arrived ready for the first lesson in our ESOL program today.

This group has mixed levels; students with a higher level of English were paired with those at beginner levels. There was acquirable language for all learners in the group.

For ESL teachers with large, multilevel classrooms, trying to make sure everyone’s needs are met can be a challenge. Utilising multilevel ESL games and activities can lighten the load, as can grouping students of different levels together or pairing up more the proficient students with the beginners. This method benefits everyone, as the advanced students can learn as much by helping to teach as they can by simply completing assignments, and the teacher can concentrate on individual help for those most in need. Multilevel ESL Activities
 After visiting the group a week earlier and assessing what interest there would be in the lessons I anticipated this class would be a male only group. As this was the first lesson I prepared an activity around buying second hand cars from local Auto-Trader magazines. We focused on vocabulary around car parts and common problems as well as terminology involved in buying second hand vehicles.    

At the end of the lesson the students were keen to discuss what we’d covered which led to a 30 minute conversation session.

It was apparent that some of our students need help with basic writing skills; I will provide some handwriting practice sheets for them to work on.

A higher level learner expressed the need for help with making a CV, “I feel my conversational English is ok but I need help with writing, I need to make a professional looking CV so I can get a job” she stated. I have scheduled some one to one time for her in our next session. I will resource a number of CV templates to focus on with her. 

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