Friday, 25 March 2011

Mobile learning

What is mobile learning, or m-learning? Watch Chris talk about how he uses mobile devices in class

British Council video - Mobile learning

I love this idea. When I taught German students visiting Swansea I noticed they were all very keen to play with their mobile phones and digital cameras. I devised a 'scavenger hunt' type activity where they had to walk around Swansea city centre photographing particular things from a list I'd given them. The kids were so pleased to be able to play with their tech-toys that they absorbed the vocabulary effortlessly. I particularly enjoyed including some real local vocabulary like laverbread, rissoles and the elusive 'Swansea Devil'. So if you live in Swansea and you're asked by a kid with a German accent what a 'cockle' or 'crab-stick' is you'll know why ;-)

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