Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Health - March 3rd 2011

March 3rd 2011

The mixed group lesson was based on health, with vocabulary focus on body parts (internal and external) and symptoms of common illnesses. The group found this interesting which led to active participation and productive conversation. At the end of the lesson a guided discussion covered the provision of GPs and dentists to asylum seekers and refugees. This was particularly interesting as members of the group who hadn’t yet been provided with such services were advised by others who had, pointing them in the right direction. I personally will look into the issue in order to offer help effectively in future. Graham's help was once again appreciated greatly by myself and the students.
Last week our visitor that has been working on her CV was referred to WEA (Worker’s Education Association) to ask about training. I spoke to her today and she now has an appointment to look at different training packages offered, they seem keen to provide her with help in working towards a qualification in supporting adults with learning difficulties in education.

Dawn's women's group lesson went well with excellent feedback from participants.

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