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Review - February 24th 2011

February 24th 2011

The mixed group lesson was a success with keen participation from the group. The students are definitely feeling more comfortable in the lessons. We reviewed target language from previous lessons using the theme of ‘refugee camp’ stories in Calais, France. A video made by refugees and asylum seekers was shown as part of the language review process where guided discussions followed. This provided a very productive spoken activity as most of the students had experienced the problems mentioned themselves. Target language was effectively reviewed and the group seemed to appreciate the opportunity to discuss issues around their displacement and journeys here to the UK. They particularly like the idea of raising awareness of such issues to people who don’t understand the plight of people such as themselves. Once again Graham's help was much appreciated, allowing us to help students more effectively.

Dawn met her student again in another one-to-one session and focused on her CV and actual job application forms. In Dawn’s feedback it is clear that ongoing help is needed in this area. 

In Dawn’s lesson with the group of women they revised focus on the alphabet from their last lesson. They then studied ‘signs’ commonly used in the UK such as cafes, cinemas, hospitals, dentists etc.

 A recent arrival in Swansea is keen to start formal English classes, he wants to study as much as possible and now has info on Dragon Arts plus I’ve provided him with the ‘ESOL in Swansea directory’ provided by SCVS.

'Refugee Camp’ stories in CalaisFrance

I've been told the song at the end of this video is Afghani, 
I would love to know the lyrical content ;-)

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